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Afidae, Carabidae, Psyllidae, and Tingidae were absent in the diet of adults and Apidae, Coreidae, and Myrmeleontidae were absent in the diet of juveniles.
As adult insects, the 2,000 or so named species in the ant lion family, the Myrmeleontidae, have mouths and often a touch of the nature-calendar prettiness of damselflies, with long, lacy wings.
Devetak (2001) observed that the Europen Myrmeleontidae larvae preferred sheltered areas, mostly occurring in the edge of the microhabitat.
Neuroptera Myrmeleontidae Ascaloptynx appendiculance Coleoptera Agyrtidae Necrophilus pettiti Coleoptera Anobiidae Tricorynus sp.
2 ISOPTERA (no consideradas) Termitidae Amitermes amifer (Silvestri) NEUROPTERA Larva de Myrmeleontidae ORTHOPTERA Tettigonidae Tettigonidae sp.