Myrica gale

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bog shrub of north temperate zone having bitter-tasting fragrant leaves

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Main, root veg come into their own as hearty winter fare; left, Lawrence Washington, owner of Purple Moose brewery, with his seasonal tipples X-mws and Myrica Gale
In KNP in some cases grassland habitats can naturally transform into other threatened and rare vegetation types; for example, Molinia caerulea communities transform into Myrica gale shrubland.
12 Luzula multiflora 16 12 Medicago lupulina 32 12 Melampyrum nemorosum 36 12 Myrica gale .
A comparison of photosynthetic capacity between Myrica gale var.
A comparative chemical composition of the essential oils of Myrica gale and Comptonia peregrina.
We examined how the presence of the aromatic low shrub Myrica gale and of predatory lady beetles affected herbivore damage and reproductive output in a population of the perennial herb Lythrum salicaria in northern Sweden.
Part of the surrounding forest has been cleared and is dominated by herbs and shrubs such as Rubus and Myrica gale.