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Swedish economist (1898-1987)

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As Myrdal pointed out in 1968, authoritarian regimes in the region often came to power on the promise that rampant bribery and nepotism would be eradicated, either by the Communists (for whom corruption was an inevitable by-product of capitalism) or by the army (which saw it as a result of poor social discipline), depending on who was leading the change.
Myrdal, Gunnar 1944 An American Dilemma: The Negro Problem and Modern Democracy.
Gunnar Myrdal wrote to Copenhagen University complaining about the unacceptable treatment to which Alf Ross had been subject, in Myrdal's estimation.
However, philosophical and idealistic disagreements between Myrdal and Wilkerson hindered the amplification of the work and perspective he provided to Myrdal's study.
Understanding that the application of scientific-racist principles to urban blacks would only provoke an unmanageable rage, Myrdal argued that centuries of brutal exploitation and exclusion caused "American Negro culture" to become "a distorted development, or a pathological condition" that was not only debilitating for blacks but also dangerous for whites: "Not only occasional acts of violence, but most laziness, carelessness, unreliability, petty stealing and lying are undoubtedly to be explained as concealed aggression.
Alva Myrdal 1982 The reader can find out more about Alva Myrdal and her contribution.
In California, where the vast majority of domestic produce comes from, crops like strawberries are harvested year round, but elsewhere the harvest may only last 4-6 weeks, says Amy Myrdal Miller, MS.
This itself is a powerful rebuke to the assumptions of white liberals like Irving Howe and Gunnar Myrdal, who saw the ways that black life had been shaped by historical circumstances, but failed to understand the way that white lives were inescapably shaped by quite different, though thoroughly damaging, operations of power.
In Part 1 of the book, Easterly sets up the two winners of the 1974 Nobel Prize in Economics--Gunnar Myrdal and Friedrich Hayek--as opposite poles that frame his thesis.
Os Estados de bem-estar social foram desenvolvidos principalmente na Europa, a partir dos principios defendidos pela teoria da social-democracia, a partir das orientacoes doutrinarias do economista e sociologo sueco Karl Gunnar Myrdal.
Bok, whose wife, Sissela, happens to be the daughter of Gunner Myrdal, the famous writer who had his own Nobel Prize for economics, and Alva Myrdal, who had her own Nobel Prize, for peace.
A prominent race theorist of his day, Myrdal argued that White Americans would support civil rights as a moral good once they understood the impact of discrimination on Blacks.
Janken Myrdal describes in his chapter the period 1000-1700, here termed as "the feudal age.
A shorter option would be to take the train from Bergen to Myrdal and the Flam Line, the steepest railway line in Europe, and sail back to Bergen on the Norled Express Boat.
One of Lord Russell's close friends, Professor Gunnar Myrdal, chairman of the International Peace Research Institute, said, "Bertrand Russell saw the fatal role in history played by the stupidity of man, his ignorance and lack of human decency.