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one of many contractile filaments that make up a striated muscle fiber

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As HS temperatures increased to 40[degrees]C, the myofibrillar fragmentation disappeared and each myofibril kept well.
Muscle cells within epitheliomuscular sheets can have striated or smooth myofibrils. Muscle cells with reduced epithelial components, or "pure myocytes" (without an epithelial component), are best seen in the swim musculature of scyphozoan, cubozoan, and some hydrozoan meduase (Chapman, 1974; Satterlie and Spencer, 1983: Satterlie, 2011, 2015).
"We observed that the hearts lacking CHD4 and having these abnormal cardiac myofibrils had severely reduced ventricular contractions, indicating a loss of the ability to pump blood normally," Wilczewski said in a statement.
A: CTL Group--Organized myofibrils (short arrow) and alignment of the Z line (long arrow).
Multifocal myocardial degeneration and severe necrosis of myofibrils with sarcoplasmic mineralization was found histologically in both calves, with accompanying histiocytic inflammatory infiltrate in the myocardium of calf A.
In the ultrastructural analysis, the RA showed well-organized myofibrils forming intact sarcomeres and organized triads, which are a system formed by sarcoplasmic reticulum and t tubules, with morphological traits associated with different muscle fiber types and a normal distribution of intermyofibrillar mitochondria (Figure 4a).
During the hypertrophic growth, satellite cells activated fuse with existing muscle fibers by increasing the number of myonuclei and synthesis of myofibrils, leading to an increase in the diameter or area of muscle fibers (Johnston, 1999).
The principal structural factors that affect the texture are associated with the connective tissues and myofibrils proteins (actins and myosin) [51].
In Figure 1(b), compared with the NDC group, the STZ + NS group displayed disordered sarcomeres, shown by the breakdown and irregular arrangement of myofibrils (blue arrow).
Xiong, "Biochemical susceptibility of myosin in chicken myofibrils subjected to hydroxyl radical oxidizing systems," Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, vol.
The skeletal musclespecific calpain 3 protease may contribute a further mechanism helping to explain the destruction of the myofibrils [10].
Myofibrils are long rod-like organelles found in cardiac and skeletal muscle comprising nearly 80% of the muscle cell volume [64, 68].