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one of many contractile filaments that make up a striated muscle fiber

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Previous research showed that a higher rate of pH drop at early postmortem stage would result in more denaturation of sarcoplasmic and myofibrillar protein, and this would affect meat light reflection and WHC [31, 36, 37].
Changes in relative content of three types of muscle protein (sarcoplasmic, myofibrillar protein and myostromin) from grass carp during cold storage (4 AdegC) are shown in Figure 1.
demonstrated the ectopic accumulation of a, a-sarcoglycan, resulting in an impaired connection between myofibrillar filaments and the extracellular matrix,[5] as well as affecting signal transduction in the dystrophin-associated pathways.
[34], it is evident that the transitions at temperatures above 70[degrees]C in the DVB measurements are due to the combined effect of denaturation of different myofibrillar protein fraction as well as the gelatinization of fish.
The main reason for this is that myofibrillar contraction of the unpolished anterior capsule leads to tilt of the IOL.
Bitoun et al., "Recessive RYR1 mutations cause unusual congenital myopathy with prominent nuclear internalization and large areas of myofibrillar disorganization," Neuropathology and Applied Neurobiology, vol.
Also, endogenous proteases can take part in this process by hydrolyzing myofibrillar proteins because the former are active within the pH range from 5.5 to 6.5 [13], values reaching under experimental conditions.
These were composed of myofibrillar material in apparent continuity with Z-bands (Figure 3).
Subsamples of the LT muscle with approximately 2.5 cm in thick were obtained of each animal using a band saw (model 255, Beccaro, Toronto, ON, Canada) as follows : the section between the 9th and 10th thoracic vertebrae was used to fatty acid profiles not aged (0 days) and aged (7, 14 and 21 days); 10th and 11th thoracic vertebrae was used to myofibrillar fragmentation index (MFI) not aged (0 days) and aged (7, 14 and 21 days); the 11th and 12th thoracic vertebrae section was used to cholesterol analysis not aged (0 days) and aged (7, 14 and 21 days); the 12th and 13th thoracic vertebrae were used to hydrogen potential (pH), cooking loss, Warner-Bratzler shear force (WBSF) and muscle color not aged (0 days) and aged (7, 14 and 21 days).
Absence of myofibrillar creatine kinase and diaphragm isometric function during repetitive activation.
Timing and distribution of protein ingestion during prolonged recovery from resistance exercise alters myofibrillar protein synthesis.
Degradation of myofibrillar proteins involved in the contractile process is an effect of calpain activation.