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Synonyms for suppression

Synonyms for suppression

sudden punitive action

Synonyms for suppression

the failure to develop some part or organ

the act of withholding or withdrawing some book or writing from publication or circulation


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forceful prevention

(psychology) the conscious exclusion of unacceptable thoughts or desires

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The absence of myelosuppression and alopecia raises the possibility of
Further, in preclinical studies, it appeared to have less peripheral neurotoxicity and myelosuppression than currently available antitubulin cytotoxic agents.
Adverse events Nausea, vomiting, myelosuppression, edema, headache, indigestion, rash, muscle cramps, bone pain, liver toxicity Characteristic Dasatinib Targets Bcr-Abl (a), SRC kinase, c-KIT, EPHA2, platelet-derived growth factor receptor (PDGFR) [beta] Response rates Complete hematologic response occurred in 37 of 40 patients in chronic phase and 31 of 44 patients in other phases.
Such patients ought to be started on half-dose azathioprine or 6-mercaptopurine (6-MP) because they are at increased risk of early severe myelosuppression and resultant opportunistic infection in response to these agents.
Infection was associated with partial or total myelosuppression and fever.
Severe Myelosuppression : In Study 1, LONSURF caused severe and life-threatening myelosuppression (Grade 3-4) consisting of anemia (18%), neutropenia (38%), thrombocytopenia (5%), and febrile neutropenia (3.
All evaluable patients met the clinical endpoints of profound myelosuppression and clinical engraftment.
Expected side effects of 5-FU include myelosuppression (a reduction in white-blood-cell counts and thus increased risk of infection), diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and mucositis (a painful inflammation of the mucous membranes lining the digestive tract).
However, these antibiotics typically come with the myelosuppression adverse event, which limits its use.
The drug was also not found to cause myelosuppression or lowering of the blood cell count.
In the randomized trial, deaths related to vascular hemorrhage in association with myelosuppression were observed in 1% of Xofigo-treated patients compared to 0.
Myelosuppression was reported in patients with normal baseline laboratory values as well as in patients with pre-existing laboratory abnormalities
DelMar believes that this modernized dosing regimen, along with improvement in management of myelosuppression in the modern era, provides for more aggressive dosing in comparison to previous clinical trials sponsored by the US National Cancer Institutes (NCI).
The most frequently reported adverse reactions reported in 10% of SPRYCEL patients included myelosuppression, fluid retention events (pleural effusion, superficial localized edema, generalized edema), diarrhea, headache, musculoskeletal pain, and rash.
Analysis Also Provides Scientific Basis for Pacritinib's Lack of Myelosuppression, a Unique Attribute Among Agents in Development for Myelofibrosis-