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deep-sea fishes comprising the lantern fishes

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panamensis Penaeidae Megalopa -2.4 Zoeas -1.2 TELEOSTOMI: RNI 3.9 0.27 3.2 3.3 3.3 3.4 3.1 Myctophidae -1.4 Gobiidae 0.5 Trichiuridae Sciaenidae S.
One particularly interesting trophic chain occurs in tropical areas where mesopelagic fish (especially Myctophidae) eat zooplankton and are eaten by tuna.
El 2008 se diferencio con respecto a los otros anos, debido a la importancia de los restos de myctophidae (56%) y en el 2012 destacaron los eufausidos (59%) (Figura 5) (Tabla 5).
Fossil lanternfish otoliths of California, with notes on fossil Myctophidae of North America.
Discarded bycatch (excluding marine mammals) included swordfish, three tuna species, three species each of sharks and rays, Myctophidae, squid, Loligo pealed; unspecified fish, louver, Luvarus imperalis; jellyfish, and snipe eels (Nemichthyidae) (Table 1).
In northeastern Brazil, they were many fewer in number, compared with aggregations in southeastern Brazil, and they were composed of Myctophidae and Bothidae and did not contain schools of Clupeiformes (Vaske et al.
The eggs and larvae of the species Engraulis encrasicolus (Linnaeus, 1758) were found to be dominant in station 2 (outer bay), in contrast eggs of Gadidae and larvae of Melucciidae, Myctophidae and Syngnathidae were found to be at least in Izmir Bay.
En el sur del Golfo de Mexico existen pocos trabajos sobre la descripcion de las fases larvarias de los peces, dentro de estos se encuentran el de Abundio-Lopez (1987) con algunas especies del orden Pleuronectiformes, de Ordonez-Lopez y Flores-Coto (1989) sobre las familias Gonostomatidae, Sternoptychidae y Myctophidae, de Sanchez-Iturbe (1993) sobre Syacium gunteri (Bothidae) y por Sanchez-Ramirez y Flores-Coto (1993) y Flores-Coto et al.
Chauliodontidae Chacdiodus eximius (Jordan and Gilbert in Jordan, 1925) Myctophidae Lantpanyctus sp.
1); Phosichthyidae [Vinciguerria lucetia (Garman)]; Myctophidae [Benthosema panamense (Taning)]; Bregmacerotidae (Bregmaceros bathymaster Jordan & Bollman); Serranidae (Ephinephelus analogus Gil, Paralabrax loro Walford, Paranthias colonus Valenciennes); Ammodytidae [Ammodytoides gilli (Bean)]; Tripterygiidae [Enneanectes nigricaudus (Allen & Robertson), E.
Fishes, primarily from the families Moridae (37.9% of prey), Myctophidae (22.9%), Macrouridae (11.2%), and Phycidae (7.2%), were present in all 8 stomachs.
El recurso mictofidos (Pisces Myctophidae): antecedentes en aguas chilenas y marco de referencia para su investigacion, p.
Several families were well represented with numerous species or genera, including Ophichthidae (11 identified species), Sciaenidae (9 species), Carangidae (7 species), Myctophidae (6 genera), Paralichthyidae (5 genera), and Clupeidae (5 species).