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any of a group of small parasitic bacteria that lack cell walls and can survive without oxygen

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Mycoplasmosis in small ruminants is considered an economically important respiratory infection resulting huge economic losses.
Failure to perform quarantine increased the risk of mycoplasmosis. NICHOLAS (1999) reported a similar correlation in the use of rams from other flocks for breeding which was accompanied by increasing seroprevalence of Ma.
Literature on the epidemiology of avian mycoplasmosis in backyard chickens in Africa is scanty, with few reports in Zimbabwe [13], Botswana [14], Benin [15], South Africa [16], and Ethiopia [17].
Haemotropic mycoplasmosis or haemoplasmosis in dogs is associated with Mycoplasma haemocanis and Candidatus Mycoplasma haematoparvum, which were formerly known as Haemobartonella canis.
Incidence of avian mycoplasmosis in the region of Bata, Eastern Algeria.
Damdinsuren, "Mycoplasmosis in farm animals in Mongolia: immunization of sheep and goats against contagious agalactia" Archives Experimental Veterinary Medicine, vol.
This mechanism might support the persistent, chronic nature of mycoplasmosis often observed.
Keywords: Seroprevalence, Mycoplasmosis, Layers, Faisalabad, Pakistan.
During his 3-week hospital stay, mycoplasmosis of the lung and a respiratory syncytial virus infection were diagnosed by the detection of high-titer Mycoplasma agglutinins in serum samples and positive test results for the presence of respiratory syncytial virus in nasopharyngeal secretions.
Certain patterns were identified, showing significant changes in the immune system with mycoplasmosis, which have real significance in the pathogenesis of perinatal disorders.
Murine respiratory mycoplasmosis in LEW and F344 rats: strain differences in lesion severity.
The genome sequence of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae strain 232, the agent of swine mycoplasmosis. J.