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a Bantu language spoken in southern coastal Tanzania

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And it is for this reason that Mark Mwera concluded his part of the story with the assertion: 'This textile is very valuable because it comes from this place, from Walurigi.'
An Ambae woman, Jennifer Mwera, who subsequently became one of the first women fieldworkers, commented to me on the importance of this project.
"The affected people have been forced to stay with their relatives in safer areas," Ntimaru East MCA Augustine Mwera said.
A two-judge bench of the High Court upheld his conviction on February 4, 2009.DETERMINATIONHowever, his lone spirited determination paid off, when Court of Appeal Judges John Mwera, Gatembu Kairu and Jamila Mohammed agreed with the arguments advanced by his lawyer, John Swaka that there were inconsistencies in the case against him.
Ntimaru East MCA Augustine Mwera and his Ntimaru West counterpart Francis Boke said Marwa's appointment to the "powerful and crucial docket is a clear testimony" of rewards for backing Jubilee Party in the last general election.