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a city in northern Tanzania on Lake Victoria

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The pilots of an Air Tanzania Corporation Boeing 737 carrying more than 40 passengers had a lucky escape on Monday (17 December) after a Malibu Stork from Lake Victoria collided with the aircraft about five minutes after takeoff from Mwanza airport.
class="MsoNormalDr Ruto had been expected to arrive at Kambi Ya Mwanza market at 9am for the launch of the Huduma Namba registration event.
Alongside a family from Gateshead who they will share a home with, the team will relocate to Mwanza where they will work, launch a church and partner with existing charities.
Rotary, together with partner organisations, is trying to give the women and children of Mwanza hope.
In 1992, there were only two fish processing plants in Mwanza. Today the number has grown to 12 but by the end of this year there will be two more fishing plants in Bukoba on Lake Victoria's western shore.
class="MsoNormalLeaders argued that Kisumu was fast becoming an economic hub considering its proximity to Entebbe and Mwanza. From Kisumu, Entebbe is just across the corner and so is Mwanza.
Mutuku and Mwanza accused of stealing Sh 410, 011 and Sh 390, 011, on January 7, jointly with others at large.
Retired doctor John Philip and his wife Chris heard about the plight of families in Mwanza on the shores of Lake Victoria in Tanzania, while attending an International Rotary Conference in San Deigo.
The Bethany Project began in 1989 when two British evangelists decided to build a children's home in Mwanza, one of Tanzania's poorest areas.
As part of its contract, Trans Africa will transport cement to areas up-country from Dar Es Salaam via Tabora to Mwanza on Lake Victoria and to Kigoma on Lake Tanganyika.
class="MsoNormalHowever, the court was also told that Julius Gitonga M'muguu, Joseph Amwayi Mukabana and Florence Mwanza Mbithe, who had been convicted of robbery with violence, were acquitted following their appeal at the High Court.
This is after the two singers defied the edict by Basata not to perform their latest song, 'Mwanza'.
The invitational Super Cup will be staged in Dar es Salaam and Mwanza, in Tanzania between January 22-29.