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unable to be both true at the same time

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Be sure to use the concepts of dependence and independence, which you have used in part A, and B, in explaining mutually exclusive events. Give an example.
Attaining Investors In People status and attempting to impose new contracts on staff are not mutually exclusive events in any organisation.
Dinner with dozens of preschoolers and an evening of literary discourse sound like mutually exclusive events. Not in Seattle.
Then, since [S.sub.i][S.sub.0], i = 0, 1, ..., are the probabilities of mutually exclusive events, [p.sub.t] = [[summation over].sub.i = 0.sup.[infinity]] [S.sub.i.sub.0].
If we examine the nature of A', we see that A' denotes an event composed of the mutually exclusive events other than A and we call it a compound event.
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