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To date there are only a few records of Mutillidae visiting EFNs: in Carlinville, IL, USA, Robertson (1929) reported the presence of males of Timulla vagans (Fabricius, 1798) and Sphaeropthalma sp.
This paper is part of the project "Complexos mimeticos em vespas da familia Mutillidae (Insecta, Hymenoptera): padroes de mimetismo e diversidade nos biomas brasileiros" (CNPq 402393/2012-0).
Catalogue of the Mutillidae (Hymenoptera) of the Oriental Region.
Lastly, by determining the most successful efforts for past surveys of Oklahoma Mutillidae, we can more effectively direct future surveys of the parasitic wasps, including the incorporation of the citizen science project Mutillidae of Oklahoma through the internet and smart phone application iNaturalist.
Distribution maps of the confirmed species of Mutillidae were constructed using Adobe Illustrator CS5 (Version 15.
We confirmed records for 98 species of Mutillidae in 68 of the 77 counties of Oklahoma.
Con respecto al numero de especies por familia, Tenebrionidae fue la mas rica con 30, seguida por Scarabaeidae con 16, Elateridae y Mutillidae con 14 cada una y Carabidae con 11 (Tabla 2).
Las especies mas abundantes en el suelo de la Reserva fueron tres himenopteros: Mutillidae sp.
Algunos mostraron mayor persistencia siendo su abundancia alta hasta el otono, es el caso de Mutillidae sp.
Leucospidae Leucospis affinis 12 Say Leucospis birkmani Brues Leucospis robertsoni 14 Crawford Leucospis slossonae 23 Weld Bethylidae Goniozus nigrifemur Ashmead Chrysididae Chrysis archboldi Kimsey Chrysis inaequidens 1 Dahlbom Tiphiidae Myzinum carolinianum 18 (Panzer) Myzinum dubiosum 26 Cresson Myzinum maculatum 2 (Fabricius) Paratiphia texana 7 Cameron Tiphia floridana 7 Robertson Mutillidae Dasymutilla pyrrhus 2 (Fox) Pseudomethoca sanbornii (Fox) Timulla ferrugata (Fabricius) Scoliidae Campsomeris plumipes 30 (Drury) Formicidae Brachymyrmex obscurior Forel Camponotus castaneus 1 (Latreille) Camponotus impressus 2 (Roger) Camponotus inaequalis Roger Camponotus nearcticus Emery Formica archboldi 1 M.
The Mutillidae are ectoparasitoids of larval instars and they usually attack the postdefecated larvae or pupae of other insects, generally aculeate Hymenoptera (Brothers et al.
Although there is no autoapomorphy that allows the mature larva of Smicromyrme Thomson to be characterized, within the set of the family Mutillidae, it may be affirmed that the mature larva of this genus is characterized within the Mutillinae, by displaying more than 8 apical setae and no apical papillae on labium.