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Synonyms for muteness

the avoidance of speech

Synonyms for muteness

the condition of being unable or unwilling to speak

a refusal to speak when expected


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The innovative sign language glove that allows mute people to speak is the brainchild of the MyVoice Team, competing in the competition's 'World Citizenship' category.
Wearing a glove connected to flex sensors, the team hopes to one day help deaf and mute people communicate using hand gestures which are converted to spoken words.
EasyCom project by MyVoice Team featuring AMA International's Adnan Adil, Omar Adil, Nadeem Mohammed and Mohamed AbdulBari aims to help in completely revolutionising the way mute people communicate and help create a seamless way of communication between people who cannot speak and others.
You can now mute people on Twitter - you can block them obviously but they know they've been blocked.
We have suffered from neglecting during the past years and most of our members are unemployed and suffer tough financial conditions, so we hope that those who will win would offer job opportunities for the deaf and mute people, in addition to offer houses with good prices," he added.
Interpreting in Legal Settings" is a must read for both those in the avenues of law and those dealing with deaf or mute people.