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religious police in Saudi Arabia whose duty is to ensure strict adherence to established codes of conduct

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Three UAE attendees, working in their country's compound, were singled out by the mutaween for their good looks, which authorities feared would prove irresistible to women.
A few years ago when fire broke out in a school in Mecca, the Mutaween allegedly locked the girls in because they weren't wearing headscarves or accompanied by male guardians.
Among the issues receiving the most attention are the appropriate role of women and the related role of the mutaween (religious police), public sector corruption, education reform, and the need for Saudi nationals to be better equipped for a more dynamic private sector.
(23) Moreover, the Taliban Ministry was itself modeled after a similarly named Saudi agency, and the Islamic Republic of Iran has its own version of religious police (Arabic, mutaween).
It may even attract a whack on the shins from the stick of a passing mullah, backed up by Mutaween (religious police).
64 Saudi Arabia's religious police, the Mutaween, recently launched a website where people can file anonymous tips about 'un-Islamic' activities.
Strict laws enforced by Saudi's religious police - the Mutaween - ban Christianity, churches and Christian materials, plus animal figures and toys.
A civil defense officer told the Arabic-language newspaper al-Eqtisadiah that he saw three of the religious police "beating young girls to prevent them from leaving the school because they were not wearing the abaya." The much-feared mutaween roam the streets wielding sticks to enforce dress codes and sex segregation and to ensure that prayers are performed on time.
(4.) The mutaween, the "religious police", are in some respects more extreme than the regime.
His initial measures -- lifting the ban on women's driving and attending male sporting events; rolling back the powers of the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice or Mutaween, the religious police; and his introduction of long forbidden forms of modern entertainment -- are as much in line with Qatar's as well as the UAE's social norms that are more liberal than those of the kingdom but not liberal by any stretch of the imagination as they were inspired by his Western-educated Saudi associates and army of Western consultants.
Some of the most serious outraged ordinary Saudis, and badly damaged the standing of the Mutaween in the eyes of the public.
Somalia's militant Al-Shebab (which translates as "The Youth") are essentially self-proclaimed mutaween. In 2010, the group threatened to flog or even behead anyone caught watching the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
Known as 'Mutaween', the CPVPV has been granted power to enforce Sharia Law in Saudi Arabia on the orders of King Abdullah.
Yemen could be a place for people to live together, however much they differ: "Mughtaribeen, mutaween, haboosh [Immigrants, conservatives, Africans] in the hood / All living in harmony and all for the good."
Saudi Arabia's strict laws enforced by the religious police - the Mutaween - ban the public practice of Christianity, churches and Christian religious materials, and figures of animals, including toys.