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Synonyms for mutate

Synonyms for mutate

to make or become different

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undergo mutation

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[25] use a chained Lin-Kernighan algorithm with a double-bridge kick mutator within a genetic algorithm framework to effectively produce solutions to problems with realistic traffic assumptions (including time periods and areas with traffic jam travel restrictions).
Algorithm A B Initialization Random, 5NN Random Local Search LKTD-1 LKTD-1 Mutator SM UOM Crossover(s) NR, SX CX Table 2: Percentage of testing networks comprised by each type of distribution.
In this section we present a concurrent stack scanning mechanism using CAS synchronization primitive, which allows collector threads to scan the stack concurrently with mutator threads in lock-free manner.
However, for individual thread the scanning process will interrupt the current mutator. Besides that the solution may seriously affect the responsiveness in case a deep stack call is triggered.
In order to not to interrupt the mutator thread, the process of obtaining the stack snapshot is divided into the form of sequential scanning of the stack frames.
3 is a simple dedicated architecture without a mutator.
Biolkova, "Mutator for transforming memristor into memcapacitor", Electron.
Isolation and characterization of ten mutator alleles of the mitochondrial DNA polymerase-encoding MIP1 gene from Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Dijkstra et al.'s [1978] concurrent markscan, which allows mutation to continue while collecting garbage, seems better suited to multiple mutators. One of the first distributed adaptations was the marking-tree collector [Hudak and Keller 1982].
The mutator, M, abstracts the process that performs the computation, including allocation of a new cell.
Historically, the major drawback of automatic garbage collection was that it significantly detracted from the performance of the mutator, both by introducing unpredictably long pauses in computation and by using large proportions of available processing cycles.
declares a new type constructor, a value constructor, a predicate, and selectors, just as define-structure does, but no mutators. Applications of a constructor make-[Kappa] that was introduced by define-const-structure to operands which are syntactic values can be treated as syntactic values.
An internal define-structure expression is nongenerative: repeated invocations of its containing [Lambda]-expression will construct identical constructor, predicate, selector, and mutator procedures.
Recent studies provided evidence for a role of mutator phenotypes in the emergence of MDR clinical Pseudomonas isolates (16).
Therefore, a mutation Gly to Arg at position 58 may have a important effect on enzyme activity and lead to a mutator phenotype.