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Synonyms for mutate

Synonyms for mutate

to make or become different

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undergo mutation

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Now, for the first time, when we look at selecting a flu virus for use in a vaccine, we can select the one which is least likely to mutate," the Daily Express quoted John Oxford, Britain's leading flu expert as saying.
The work now is to find the point up to which the virus can mutate, and beyond which it will die.
Scientists, however, believe it's only a matter of time before it mutates into a strain that can spread between humans.
Colon polyps form when the cells within the crypt mutate, producing excess cell replication.
One of the major reasons why we decided to invest in Tenebril is their patent-pending technology that can defeat the most menacing spyware -- including programs that mutate constantly -- rather than taking the traditional, anti-virus-like approach to the problem.
To get around HLA-B*5703, the virus mutates three amino acids that T cells need to recognize the infected cells, causing the killers to pass by the infected cell unnoticed.
Studies also have shown that the virus mutates in ways that make it resistant to some drugs.
Only when the p53 gene mutates does the tumor spin out of control.
DNA mutates over generations, and researchers use these changes to gauge the amount of time during which a lineage has evolved separately.
It's estimated to take 100,000 infants to create enough vaccine to cure the remaining Earth population before the virus mutates into an incurable stage.