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Myliobatis longirostris, Mustelus albipinnis, Raja cortezensis, Rhinobatos spinosus, Urobatis concentricus y U.
1995 (76) 2001 (87) TL n CPUE LT n CPUE LT SHARKS Family Triakidae Mustelus lunulatus 3.
Spatial and temporal variation of length and sex composition of the narrownose smooth-hound Mustelus schmitti Springer, 1939 in the trawl fishery off the oceanic coast of Uruguay during 2004.
The more advanced sharks of the genera Rhizoprionodon, Mustelus, and some Sphyrna (e.
Nombres comunes Nombres cientificos Bonito Euthynnus alletteratus, Sarda sarda Carito Scomberomorus cavalla Cazon Rhizoprionodon terraenovae, Mustelus canis, Carcharhinus sp.
bacalao Gadus morhua, mero Hippoglossus hippoglossus, pez lobo Anarhichas lupus, y pintarroja Mustelus canis (Bayne and Gerwick 2001; Lund and Olafsen 1998/4/1).
4 TRIAKIDAE Hypogaleus Blacktip Tope 3(*) hyugaensis Mustelus mosis Arabian smooth 7 Houndshark HEMIGALIDAE Hemigaleus Hootooth Shark 3 macrostoma CARCHARHINIDAE Carcharhinus sealei Blackspot Shark 3 Carcharhinus Whitecheek Shark 3,7 dussumieri Carcharhinus Whaler Shark 3,7 plumbeus Carcharhinus Spinner Shark 3,4,8 brevipinna Carcharhinus Blacktip Shark 3,4,7 limbatus Carcharhinus sorrah Spottail Shark 2,3?
Other authors have also described the mandibular musculature as the effector of the mandibular nerve in some sharks and rays species like Notorynchus cepedianus (Daniel, 1934), Squalus sp (Gilbert, 1986, Whitehouse & Grove, 1947), Squalus acanthias (Gans & Parsons, 1964), Mustelus canis and Raja eglanteria (Song & Boords, 1993).
Included in the fauna are at least 16 species of which Heterodontus, Palaeorhincodon, Scyliorhinus, and Mustelus are reported from the Hardie Mine site for the first time.
Mustelus californicus translocated to different microhabitats within the HBWC selected the Channel habitat after the translocation regardless of where animals were released.
In the early 20th century, Sheldon (1909, 1911) and Parker (1910, 1914) carried out the first sensory laboratory experiments on sharks, using smooth dogfish, Mustelus canis.
vulpinus, a 12", longitud Nasolamia velox, hasta 300 m Mustelus lunulatus) -Palangre de superficie con boyas Unidad de Especies incidentales pesca Demersal Tiburon (juveniles y neonatos), Lanchas con rayas (Dasyatis, Rhinobatos, motor fuera Gymnura), Coryphaena hippurus.
82 GO Hipocampus ingens Caracteristicas 100 unicas SP 100 % GN Mustelus californicus, Mustelus B-V 20 lunulatus.