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Italian fascist dictator (1883-1945)

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Stalin, Mussolini, and Hitler, despite their outward differences, are shown to have all been Jacobins who hated monarchy, feudal bonds, and decentralized power.
They come here because this is where Mussolini is buried."
He claims products on sale, including busts of Hitler and Mussolini are "antiques", despite them appearing new.
They were instructed to do what they could to counter criticism of fascist methods and to view themselves as ambassadors for Italy under Mussolini.
It would be fair to say that Mussolini made his way to the throne through then King Emmanuel who was not able to draw the lines between the socialists and the fascists.
Caio Giulio Cesare Mussolini -- Mussolini's great-grandson, whose name is taken from one of ancient Rome's most famous rulers -- is running as a candidate in European elections for the far-right Brothers of Italy party.
Con l'ascesa al potere di Mussolini il 28 ottobre 1922, l'Italia cadde nell'atrocita del regime fascista.
Alessandra Mussolini, a longtime rightist politician and currently an Italian member of the European Parliament, posted the tweet on October 17.
Right-wing politician Rachele Mussolini, the youngest grandchild of bloody dictator Benito, will even open the family crypt in his home town of Predappio to British holidaymakers in the north of the country.
A teacher, socialist agitator and newspaper editor, Mussolini at first opposed Italy's involvement in WWI, but later changed his position and enlisted in the elite Berseglieri.
by Agence France-PresseKing Victor Emanuel III, Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini watch fascist troops march past from a balcony in central Rome in this still image taken from 1941 television file footage.
Since Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini are universally regarded as the supreme villains of modern times (if not all of world history), the chief tactic of the Left--communists, socialists, and "progressive" Democrats--since World War II has been to avoid substantive debate on real issues by accusing their opponents of being racist and/or fascist.
Those were the people in Carlo Tresca's faction of Italian-American trade unionism (on the libertarian syndicalist side), who took to rioting anti-fascistically in the aftermath of Mussolini's March on Rome, in 1922.
German intellectuals viewed the emergence of the world's first Fascist regime in Italy since the October 1922 appointment of the ex-socialist Benito Mussolini as prime minister.