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the scholarly and scientific study of music

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Director of the International Mugham Center, People's Artist of Azerbaijan, professor Murad Huseynov, rector of the Azerbaijan National Conservatory, People's Artist of Azerbaijan, professor Siyavush Kerimi, Vice-rector of the Azerbaijan National Conservatory on Scientific Work, doctor of philosophy in art history, professor Lala Huseynova, head of the Research Laboratory on the improvement of the national musical instruments of Azerbaijan National Conservatory, research instrumentalist Mammadali Mammadov, Austrian musicologist, organologist, composer, professor Thomas Shallabek, People's Artist, professor Fakhraddin Dadashov, teacher at Baku State University Latif Gurbanov and others will take part in the meeting.
As the book progresses it becomes clear that "nation" does not refer to cultural or ethnic groups in the (admittedly) sometimes haphazard way employed by musicologists; rather it is for the authors a union of cultural factors with national political entities.
Musicologists interested in aesthetic trends and programming considerations among professional and amateur musical institutions from post-Civil War New York will appreciate the artful, florid language found within the transcribed reviews.
It is unusual for musicologists to study other musicologists rather than musicians or music.
A fascinating chapter by musicologist Denis Collins addresses "creative collaborative thought" and puzzle canons in renaissance music.
Paul-James Dwyer is an artist, performer, and musicologist writing from Combermere.
Musicologists have often noted major changes in the adaptation of stories from literature to the lyrical stage.
Howard Chandler Robbins Landon, musicologist; born, March 6, 1926, died, November 20, 2009
Intrigued, the playwright began interviewing musicologists, and eventually--after negotiating much red tape--obtained permission to view the original sketches for the Diabelli Variations.
An in-depth, at times modestly technical analysis, written especially for dedicated music lovers and musicologists, and a "must-have" for anyone interested in learning about and experiencing the Finnish master.
Polzer, a Salzburg publishing house, hired musicologists and players to adapt the senior Mozart's 334-page treatise, Essay on a Thorough Violin Education, to modern instruments and orchestral practices.
In his introduction, Bonniffet takes issue with musicologists, such as Gustave Reese, who see the music of Josquin des Pres as a watershed in the evolution of European music.