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a child's game in which players march to music around a group of chairs that contains one chair less than the number of players

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a rearrangement that has no practical effect or significance

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Point a camera at them and get Evans to promise they're about to hatch imminently and, as sure as eggs is eggs, they'd freeze like musical statues.
After the party had kicked into full swing - plenty of dancing and musical statues, followed by lashings of pop and crisps - I was quickly hived off away from the madding crowd to begin my transformation from plain old daddy to the man with many names - Father Christmas aka Papa Noel aka St Nick aka Sion Corn.
Musical statues (no preparation required once we'd got the stereo out of my husband's van) a treasure hunt in the house (better than last time when I actually forgot to hide anything
Aaron went up to the DJ and said excuse me, that they couldn't play that because his brother was in a wheelchair, so they ended up playing musical statues instead.
Various games will also be played throughout the mall including hoola-hoop, the macarena, limbo, musical statues, and an giant ice cream scoop race.
The format includes action songs for co-ordination, musical statues to help develop listening skills, playing musical instruments to explore sounds and effects, a story to teach rhythm, and nursery rhymes and songs to encourage speech.
Playing musical statues in the stalls, failing to settle and hanging under pressure, George Washington got the better of his jockey.
The pogo stick was another favourite and the kids learned they could do lots of games with it, musical statues and counting the number of bounces.
When Daniel Sturridge's penalty went in, he outdid Van Gaal in a game of musical statues.
The game of Musical Statues suddenly turned really serious
There was also a game of musical statues, a birthday cake and candles and I'm assuming a window box of beautiful sunflowers, although I can't be 100% sure they ever made an appearance as I bowed out a few minutes before the finale.
Lauren said: "She had a ball and won loads of presents by playing bobbing apples, wrap the mummy and musical statues.
Pupils popped outside for an afternoon of traditional party games, including musical statues and pass the parcel.
The Sims 3: Ambitions was the only brand new entry, coming in at six, as five of the top 10 had a little game of musical statues and refused to budge from last week's positions.