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Synonyms for note

Synonyms for note

a brief record written as an aid to the memory

a written communication directed to another

an expression of fact or opinion

critical explanation or analysis

something visible or evident that gives grounds for believing in the existence or presence of something else

the act of noting, observing, or taking into account

a pleasing succession of musical tones forming a usually brief aesthetic unit

to perceive with a special effort of the senses or the mind

to state facts, opinions, or explanations

Synonyms for note

a short personal letter

a tone of voice that shows what the speaker is feeling

Related Words

a characteristic emotional quality

Related Words

high status importance owing to marked superiority

notice or perceive


Related Words

observe with care or pay close attention to

make a written note of

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He made clear that the most remarkable music innovation which the Syrians have offered the human civilization is represented in the oldest full musical note engraved in an earthen tablet containing four verses written in cuneiform, which are followed by six lines naming the Babylonian music dimensions.
When someone plucks the string of a guitar or banjo, you hear a musical note.
It wasn't until I was 9 years old that I took piano lessons to learn how to read musical notes,'' he said.
But while some of them kept the example at arm's length, looking to music for structural principles that might put abstract painting on an equally secure footing, others drew unacceptably close (for Greenberg) to the flame, even seeking equations between particular hues and musical notes.
From past years' experience, I have a feeling 'Music to My Ears' will get some ears, musical notes and instruments, and I can only imagine what else.
Facades of patinated copper plates with asymmetrical fenestration allude to books and musical notes, and contrast with the steel- and granite-faced store fronts.
The new Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama is now on the same site in North Road, where people can hear the musical notes from instruments and voices floating in and around Bute Park.
He compared the different musical notes to the colors of the rainbow.
Softly drawn musical notes, clefts, and instruments surround the kids on each page as they dance and play instruments together.
Two new animated films stood out: Nadia Roden's Serenade chronicles a whimsical romance in a free flow of delicate, swirling images and musical notes that sweep across the screen, mirroring the delicacy of the accompanying French music-hall tunes.
By converting your hum into a series of musical notes and matching them with thousands of tracks stored on a music server on the internet, it can put you out of your misery.
He has strange visions and keeps hearing the distinctive sound of five musical notes running through his mind.
The activities address topics such as sound waves, musical notes, and chords.
One is a postive/negative of musical notes in a chevron pattern.
He writes out the musical notes to some of his poems, and renders a bleak comic strip about his existential concerns, entitled "Deadline Dragon Comix," which begins, "I'm late, I'm gonna die before I mark the term papers" and ends with "Immortality comes later.