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a violation of the rights secured by a copyright

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With the rise of digital media sales, the researchers conclude, "From that perspective, our i[logical not]ndings suggest that digital music piracy should not be viewed as a growing concern for copyright holders in the digital era.
The victory was an important one for record labels and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), whose war against music piracy has led to more than 20,000 lawsuits against alleged file-sharers since 2003.
UNDER ARREST: Police officers enter the house in Grange Road, Middlesbrough, this morning, above, before they arrested a man in connection with music piracy offences, left, and led him to a police van, below, from where he was taken away by police to face further questions Pictures by IAN McINTYRE; WEBSITE: The Oink website was being illegally used
However, neither ignorance of the law, nor age, is a valid defence - there is no free pass to engage in music piracy just because you haven't come of age.
You see,because of falling CD sales - caused by,according to the record labels, digital music piracy - certain major labels have introduced copy protection technology on their CDs.
A HAUL of 500 original Beatles tapes containing unreleased tracks was found yesterday after police raided a music piracy gang.
The IFPI claims to have incontrovertible evidence that criminal gangs involved in music piracy were also involved in other types of serious crime (such as drugs, firearms, money laundering, etc).
Dreilinger says that he is unworried by the controversial nature of the MP3 format, he admits that the search facility could encourage music piracy but says that SavvySearch is merely offering a service, not actual downloads.
The recording industry registered solid growth of digital music sales from services like iTunes, but they continue to fight against serious challenges from music piracy in the form of peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing.
the two sides have agreed to settle the music piracy dispute for $105 million.
From the very first Edison phonograph to the emergence of the first music piracy and the rise of record companies such as Victor and Columbia, Sutton sums it all up in short, essay-like chapters .
For the past five years, it has seemed that file sharing and music piracy were unstoppable forces.
With sales sliding and Internet music piracy on the increase, the music companies are banking on anti-trust regulators being more accepting this time around.
The recording industry, in its latest effort to thwart music piracy, sued 261 Internet users in federal courts across the country Monday for downloading music, warning that thousands could be targeted for copyright violations.
Global cd sales are likely to fall by as much as 8pc this year, as music piracy becomes increasingly popular.