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a digitally encoded recording on an optical disk that is smaller than a phonograph record

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This is a Request for Proposal (RFP) for replacement shelving for the librarys adult music CD collection.
The music CD has been released by Aer, a rooftop bar, and compiled by DJfatbat.
Now, how do you vacuum the music off those clumsy, smudgy, music CDs and shake it into MP3 format?
Designed for use with its Movie Maestro soundtrack creation software, Movie Music CDs are a great choice for consumers looking for the perfect piece of music to enhance their home video projects.
Send the completed coupon with your name and address and stamps to the value of 60cent to Summer of Music CD Offer, MGN, 4th Floor, Rear Wing, Park House, Northn Circular Road, Dublin 7 by August 23.
You must have collected 10 tokens of the 14 differently numbered published in the Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror between Saturday August 3 and Friday August 16, 2002 in order to claim your free 3am Summer of Music CD.
Electronics company Sony Corp has launched its CMT-L7HD machine for playing and storing music CDs.
Consumers digitized songs from legally-purchased music CDs and swapped them through the Napster Web site with like-minded music seekers.
TunesGenie is a leading digital music specialist that transfers music CD collections to iPods, MP3 players, and all digital media players.
Main features: the subject of the contract is the purchase and delivery of non-school books and music CDs to the network of eight media centers of the Domitian in 4 batches defined below: Lot o 1: new books for adults; Lot o 2: new books for children and teenagers; Lot o 3: comics in French; Lot o 4: music cd.
Winner of a 2007 Parents' Choice Gold Award, The Movement is a music CD of positive-themed hiphop music for children and adults alike featuring the music of the Figureheads band.
With it, films are encoded onto a disc that could easily be mistaken for a music CD.
Gina D & The Transistor Sisters-In Search of the Golden Record" Double Sound Track Music CD Now Completed
In addition, an accompanying music CD offers fourteen different lullabies, written by Neil Young, Billy Joel, Carole King, Don Henley, Tom Waits and Nanci Griffith.
Eighteen-year-old Ernesto Barba was shot and killed after a physical altercation with four men who reportedly jumped him when he went to a friend's house to retrieve a music CD.