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the custodian of a collection (as a museum or library)

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You could become a museum curator after working as an assistant curator, education manager or departmental collections head.
Scenes from the First World War around Teesside, left and above, and Middlesbrough's senior museum curator Phil Philo, below, who has worked with author Paul Menzies
That alone," explains the museum curator, "symbolizes Tunisia's place in Roman civilization.
Story Scrolls, from India, created by leading contemporary Indian artists Code: jr310111scrolls-4 World Museum curator Emma Martin with a Bengali 'Telling Tales'' story scroll, from India Pictures: JASON ROBERTS/ jr310111scrolls-1
Museum curators manage collections of objects of artistic, scientific, historical and general interest.
Profusely illustrated in full color and enhanced with the addition of an Index and Image Catalogue, and with expert commentary by former museum curator Henry Adams, "Viktor Schreckengost: American Da Vinci" is a superbly presented and informative introduction to the life, work, and artistry of a remarkably talent who dedicated himself to the esthetic improvement of American popular culture.
And Bob Morrisey does a smooth and utterly convincing turn as a levelheaded museum curator who gives Lizard some good advice.
Museum curator Richard McBrearty said: "The Wembley game lives long in the memory of many Scottish football fans and I am sure the penalty spot will make a very popular exhibit.
Assistant Ringling Museum curator Francoise Hack has assembled an exhibition about the museum's first director, Everett "Chick" Austin, timed to coincide with this month's final installation of elements of the Asolo Theater purchased from Austin by the museum in the late 1940s and installed in the auditorium of the original museum in Gallery 20.
Roger Took is a British art historian and museum curator who decided in the 1990s that it would be interesting to visit Russian Lapland because so little was known about it.
Organized by Noguchi Museum curator Bonnie Rychlak, the exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue with contributions from Rychlak, Neil Printz, Francis Mason, and Janet Eilber.
DIED: John O, Noble, 80, a New York museum curator and authority on dolls and toys, of diabetes complications, September 21.
But creating the model was a challenge: "George was too busy to sit for us," says Curtis Huber, the museum curator.
It marks the outstanding contribution made by former Dorman Museum curator and archaeologist Frank Elgee in the 1920s and 1930s.
Museum curator Peter Siddall said: "The theft happened during opening hours and there's no sign of force entry.
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