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(Greek mythology) the Muse of astronomy

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goddess of love


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At center below, on a balcony overlooking a classical garden behind her, sits Urania, the Muse of Astronomy.
King refers to these as being references to the Muse of Astronomy, which is classically correct; but he does not note that Milton, in Paradise Lost (VII.
It was the German astronomer Johann Bayer during the early 17th century, when he was producing his star atlas Uranometria, named after Urania, the Greek Muse of Astronomy.
That the first Italian prose romance authored by a woman bears the same title as the first such work written in English is more than likely an intriguing coincidence, given the mythological significance of Urania as muse of astronomy, and thus, through Platonism, as the heavenly Venus contrasted in both Plato and Ficino with her earthly counterpart, or as the fixed and constant star metaphorically linked (in Philip Sidney, at least) to the matrimonially-inclined woman.
The paintings, including an image of Calliope, the Greek muse of epic poetry and Urania, muse of astronomy, are on the walls of the building outside the city walls.