Musa basjoo

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Asiatic banana plant cultivated especially as a foliage plant in Japan

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Musa basjoo is a suckering evergreen perennial growing up to 5m tall, with arching lanceshaped leaves up to 3m long.
Del Monte banana lectin A I K V G A W (Musa acuminata) Emperor banana lectin 1 * G A I K V G A W (Musa basjoo) Ripening-associated protein 3 * G A I K V G A W (Musa acuminata) Lectin (Musa acuminata 3 * G A I K V G A W 'Cavendish' cv.
Musa basjoo is the most hardy for our climate, but should still be considered as a tender perennial, moved to a frost-free area over winter and planted out when the frosts are gone.
The hardiest variety is the perennial musa basjoo, which works well as an exotic bedding feature.
Michael's crop are from an unpalatable Japanese variety called Musa Basjoo and would be too full of seeds to eat.
The fruit produced by the Musa basjoo species, which was grown in the double-walled garden, are usually full of seeds and have little flesh, if they ripen.
Beneath the tree canopy, plant lower-growing, big-leafed plants--bananas (Musa basjoo is the hardiest species), bear's breech (Acanthus mollis), honey bush (Melianthus major), or ligularia--among small-leafed ferns, lily turf, ornamental grasses, or ti plants.
Bananas are ideal and the amazing musa basjoo will even tolerate the most cack-handed gardeners.
As will Musa basjoo from Japan, which is the world's most cold-hardy banana, and the tough Chusan palm, Trachycarpus fortunei from China, which is the only palm that is hardy enough for our British climate.
Tony's banana tree is a Japanese variety called Musa Basjoo.
Musa basjoo - the flat paddle shapes of the banana plant are superb and will really set the scene for a tropical atmosphere and a fresh planting scheme.
Amongst the hardiest is the Japanese banana, Musa basjoo, but plant it in shelter away from high winds.
I would recommend treating it in a similar fashion to Musa basjoo, the ornamental banana.
Pick plants like banana (main picture left) or Musa basjoo to catch the eye and create height alongside plants with a parasol of leaves like Fatsia japonica to give dappled shade for shorter foliage plants like coleus.
Musa basjoo is the hardiest banana plant and in mild areas it is possible it will survive winter outdoors.