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a doctor's degree in music

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* MUSD tracked the spread of the flu with what they're calling the "10 percent rule." If 10 percent of students in any given classroom are absent, teachers are encouraged to get information regarding the absences to parents and report that data to the health department.
Le premier pret (160 MUSD), objet d'un accord signe mardi a Rabat, vise a financer le programme d'appui a la competitivite, qui contribuera a favoriser les reformes des politiques publiques en cours, notamment en matiere d'accroissement de la transparence et la rationalisation des principaux aspects du cadre institutionnel et reglementaire regissant la conduite des affaires.
(1,18-19) Con la administracion del analogo a MUSD se corrigieron estas alteraciones y hubo mejoria clinica de la apnea, hipotonia y las infecciones frecuentes, que era lo esperado.
The company generated revenues of about MUSD 173 in fiscal year July-June 2009/2010 (MUSD 158 in 2008/2009) and EBIT of about MUSD 4.0 in fiscal year July-June 2009/2010 (MUSD 7.2 in 2008/2009).
The R&D budget alone is 60 MUSD. The technology transfer team is made up of seven people who manage 600 projects a year.
In order to assess sensitivity, the exercise was repeated for other two values of service interruption losses, 3 and 0.1 MUSD for Cuto bridge and 4 and 0.1 million for Guadalupe bridge.
SES joins Google, Liberty Global, HSBC and North Bridge Venture Partners to become a large investor in O3b.SES will invest a total of 75 MUSD in the company, and will provide engineering and commercial support to O3b in order to assist the company's development.O3b is building the world's first ultra-low latency, fiber speed satellite network to serve as a global internet backbone and next generation backhaul infrastructure for people and businesses in emerging markets.
Tethys has a share of 16.66% of all expenditures on the licence above MUSD 12.
6-8 MUSD. The loans for individual projects could range from 10,000 to 150,000 USD.
SUEZ Energy International is evaluating investments for up to 700 MUSD to guarantee short- and long-term security of energy supply in the north of Chile.
Also, the cost of raw material is reduced from 159 to 155 USD/t corresponding to 2.5 MUSD per year for a pulp production of 2000 t/day.
In 2000 the turnover was 31 MUSD. In early May the Swedish business magazine Veckans Affarer awarded ReadSoft the title "IT-Company of the year 2001.
Gambro AB (OM Stockholm Exchange: GAMBaST, GAMBbST), Stockholm, Sweden, an international medical technology and healthcare company, has announced that it through its subsidiary Gambro China Ltd, Hong Kong, concluded and executed a major sales contract of about 2 MUSD, covering dialysis equipment for the People's Republic of China.
While Joshua Musd held onto his Brooklyn Renaissance dream throughout the downturn that spanned the turn of the decade, he needed the fresh financing sophistication of the 90s to get the project into the ground.
The company has 11 employees and had an annual revenue of approximately MUSD 5 (MSEK 48) in 2018.