Mus musculus

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brownish-grey Old World mouse now a common household pest worldwide


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Mus musculus (3)--Arequipa: Mollebaya (MUSA 196); Chiguata (MUSA 584); Islay, Mejia (MUSA 684).
In particular, the Mus musculus was separated from the samples of mound-building mice along function 1.
norvegicus rat 17/36 47 (32-63) Mus musculus mouse 57/119 48 (39-57) Total 194/723 27 (24-30) * Endemic Microgale tenrecs and Eliurus rats were analyzed at the genus level because these genera were composed of a large number of species.
Se utilizaron 10 ratones hembras jovenes (Mus musculus) BALB/c, las que se dividieron en 2 grupos de 5 gestantes cada uno (grupos 1 y 2).
Neurotropic effects of aspartame, stevia, and sucralose on memory retention and on the histology of the hippocampus of the ICR mouse (Mus musculus).
We captured 1571 samples which belonged to the following 6 species Nesokia indica, Mus musculus, Mus budooga, Tatera indica, Millardia meltada and Golunda ellioti trapped over 3840 trap nights (Table II).
The frequency of capture of the synanthropic species Rattus rattus and Mus musculus was the same with 24 specimens by species, while in the case of wild rodents, five species were found, being Heteromys gaumeri (n = 17), the species with most capture frequency, followed by Ototylomys phyllotis and Peromyscus yucatanicus (n = 8 each one).
Mus musculus: BRASIL, Rio Grande do Sul: Manoel Viana (29[degrees]34'40"S / 55[degrees]30'10"O), 1[female], III/2003 (MCNU 1471); Rio Grande do Sul: Santa Vitoria do Palmar (33[degrees]40'10"S / 53[degrees]18'48"O), 1[male], 26/VI/2004 (MCNU 1550)
Effect of Ethanol Extract Achyranthes Aspera Linn Against Embryonic Development (Cleavage) Mice (Mus Musculus).Lemlit.University Press.Surabaya.
At times when people were more likely to settle for long periods, the house mouse (Mus musculus domesticus) reigned over the short-tailed field mouse (M.
The results on Mus musculus, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, and Drosophila are provided in Tables 3-5.
Date Locality Vertebrate carcass Oct/2012 JF Didelphis aurita Wied-Neuwied Dec/2014 JF Turdus rufiventris (Vieillot) June/2015 JF Euphractus sexcinctus (Linnaeus) July/2015 JF Volatiniajacarina (Linnaeus) Aug/2015 JF Didelphis aurita Wied-Neuwied Nov/2015 JF Sicalisfaveola (Linnaeus) Apr/2014 Gn Mus musculus (Linnaeus) Apr/2014 Gn Coturnix coturnix (Linnaeus) Date Ant specie Oct/2012 Camponotus melanoticus Emery Dec/2014 Camponotus rufipes (Fabricius) June/2015 Solenopsis saevissima (Smith) July/2015 Solenopsis saevissima (Smith) Aug/2015 Camponotus rufipes (Fabricius) Nov/2015 Camponotus rufipes (Fabricius) Solenopsis saevissima (Smith) Apr/2014 Camponotus melanoticus Emery Camponotus sp.
Therefore, considered for the use of experimental animals, such as mice (Mus musculus).