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brownish-grey Old World mouse now a common household pest worldwide


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Como resultado del trabajo de muestreo se capturaron seis especies, de las cuales dos representaban a los denominados ratones comensales, Mus domesticus y Rattus norvegicus, y las restantes cuatro a roedores autoctonos: Akodon neocenus, Galea musteloides, Microcavia australis y Eligmodontia typus.
MMTV causes breast cancer in Mus domesticus. And the geographic distribution of this mouse species is neatly superim-posable upon the lands throughout the world having the highest incidence of breast cancer in women (Br.
A female house mouse (Mus domesticus) can produce a litter every 21 days, so one pair of mice can theoretically give rise to more than 600 offspring in six months.
Chromosome banding by restriction enzyme digestion distinguish between Mus domesticus and Mus musculus karyotypes.
Worldwide, in natural populations of wild house mice (Mus domesticus) a high proportion (mean = 25%) of individuals are heterozygous (+/t) for a genetic mutation at the t-complex on chromosome 17 (Lenington et al., 1988).