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type genus of the Muridae: common house mice

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Ambiguity in the determination of species of the genus Mus by somatic characteristics (Macholan 1996a, b, Canady et al.
The house mouse (Mus musculus) prefers sand soil type (22%) followed by loamy sand (19%), sandy loam (17%) sandy clay loam 14%, loam 11%, clay loam 8%, silt loam 6% and least preferred soil was silty clay loam (3%) (Table III).
Section 3 addresses how GA is used to overcome the effects of MUs. Experimental results are presented in Section 4.
According to the CMPA, between 1991 and 2011, there were only 23 closed cases against physicians which involved vaginal mesh procedures (both MUS and transvaginal prolapse mesh procedures).
In the MU-AP matching algorithm, we match the MUs with APs to maximize the total offloading traffic from APs as well as guarantee the QoS of users.
Torques at each joint can be separated into five categories, namely, NET, GRA, MDT, EXF (termed as ground reaction torques in this study), and MUS, with the first category being the sum of the rest:
In the second article, Clarke (2016), an internist and gastroenterologist, presents a model for diagnosing and treating MUS. Guided by the literature and heavily influenced by his experience with more than 7,000 patients, Clarke shares an organized six-part diagnostic protocol and describes a professional stance to minimize patient embarrassment or resistance.
Operating under long-term contracts, MUS ensures that utilities' infrastructure assets are continuously maintained, enhanced, expanded and renewed.
The characteristics of patients with MUS may be related to the increase in the use of health services reported in the literature (2,11), since these patients have a reduced quality of life, and high disability rates (12).
The device, planted near the Mus-Diyarbakir/Kulp highway east of the country, was reportedly detonated while a military vehicle passed by today, according to Mus security directorate.
R Durkin H**, C**, MF**, M**; C Earley F*, Q, S, BUS; I Eastwood Q**, F**, BUS*, H**; J Ellis G, BUS, EL, Q*; A Farrar Q*, BUS*, P*, M*; C Fisher Q, PY, EL, PH; C Fitzpatrick G, M, PY*, BUS; L Frear Q, PE, PY, BUS; L Georgiou M, PY*, Q, FT*; S Gledhill Q*, BUS, T, PY; C Graham DT, C, B, MUS; S Hardy P, BUS, M*.
AN deidh cogadh nam Falklands thug e sia miosan de rannsachadh is sgriobhadh mus deach aithisg Franks fhoillseachadh air na leasanan a bha rin ionnsachadh.
Midurethral slings (MUS) also have been shown to be more successful--and more cost-effective--than pelvic floor physiotherapy for stress urinary incontinence (SUI) overall, with the possible exception of mild SUI.
Consequently, an average of about 75 MUs of power was cleared on a daily basis in July - almost 14 per cent lower than average daily volume in the month of June.
Although the demand of providing real-time services in femtocells is an important issue in future cognitive cellular-femtocell mobile networks, there is no detailed discussion and proposal of channel allocation for real-time connections and QoS management mechanism of both macro users (MUs) and femtocell users (FUs) when providing real-time services.