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Isolation of Murray Valley encephalitis and Ross River viruses from Aedes normanensis (Diptera: Culicidae) in Western Australia.
Editorial Note: WNV is a flavivirus belonging taxonomically to the Japanese encephalitis subgroup that includes the serologically closely related SLE virus, Kunjin virus, Murray Valley encephalitis virus, and others.
Usutu virus, named for the Usutu River in Swaziland, is a mosquito-borne flavivirus closely related to Japanese encephalitis virus, West Nile virus, Murray Valley encephalitis virus, and St.
In Australia, Murray Valley encephalitis virus (MVEV) and West Nile virus (WNV) Kunjin (KUN) strain are the main etiologic agents of arboviral encephalitis in humans, which usually occurs as isolated sporadic cases or occasional small outbreaks, mainly in northwestern Australia and rarely in southern regions (Figure 1, panel A) (1).
Australia has witnessed the emergence of several zoonotic and arboviral pathogens associated with encephalitis; these pathogens have been either novel pathogens or pathogens appearing in new geographic locations and include Hendra virus, Murray Valley encephalitis virus, Australian bat lyssavirus, and Kunjin and Japanese encephalitis viruses (5-7).
WNV is serologically related to the Japanese encephalitis complex of flaviviruses (Flaviviridae), which includes Saint Louis encephalitis virus (SLEV) (in North and South America), Japanese encephalitis virus (Asia), and Murray Valley encephalitis virus (Australia) (2).
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