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a morbid fear of mice

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Her clinical assessment including clinical interview and mental status examination diagnosed her problem as a specific phobia, called murophobia, as per the diagnostic guidelines of DSM-IV (3).
The client and her family members especially parents were properly informed about the diagnosis and nature of desirable treatment in murophobia. The cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT) was used for treatment of murophobia.
As a total, AD took 12 sessions in systematic desensitization for complete relief from the symptoms of murophobia. The remaining six sessions were focused on communication skill training and anger control which were secondary to the phobic symptoms.
I have no idea how this particular phobia arose, unlike my mouse and rat aversion (now this one goes under the wonderful name of Murophobia).
It didn't help that despite the fact we lived on a farm, the rest of the family also suers from Murophobia, which left me pretty much stranded and alone in the boot room with my little furry friend.