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a nonstructural vertical strip between the casements or panes of a window (or the panels of a screen)

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Michael Dunn, Alistair White, both 19, Katie Hastings, Richard Shore, David Whitecross, all 23, Matthew Megarry, Oliver Munnion, both 22, Melanie Evans, Daniel Glass, both 24, and Sean Watson, 20, all denied breach of the peace.
27 Flintshire Farmers Ploughing Society match,Maes y Munnion Fields,Cilcain,Flintshire.
Christopher Munnion, "Making of a Martyr," Courier-Mail Tues.
"They are Tobias Alexander Munnion, 25, of Newcastle, and Eleanor Ransom, 21, of Kent.
From left: Pius Ginting, Toby Munnion, Anne Harris, Francisco Tovar and Rogelio Ustate protest plans to open a coal mine at Highthorn, Northumberland