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a computer display that enables the user to interact with the computer by touching areas on the screen

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Suited for movie buffs and social gamers, the YOGA 700 offers a vibrant 10-point multitouch Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS display with Dolby DS1.
We lost that nuance with multitouch, and pressure touch can give it back.
The specific natural user interfaces used are multitouch displays.
In the case decided on Friday, the ITC found that Samsung had infringed the feature patent for a multitouch screen that names Apple co-founder Steve Jobs as one of the inventors, and another for detecting when headphone jacks are plugged in.
The AT300SE has a 16:10 aspect ratio great for widescreen movies, and a 10-finger multitouch design that allows you complete control of your visual experience, it said.
Find out more about 3M MultiTouch solutions at www.
It was only a matter of time before the familiar multitouch interface style made its way to the ATM," said Frank A.
The keys are shallow, but large and easy to locate even for the clumsiest fingers; and the accompanying touchpad supports multitouch gestures.
They are often more similar than they are different, with a girl- or boy-themed silicone frame for protection, slots for adding more storage, 7-inch multitouch screens and a handful of preloaded $1 apps like Angry Birds.
Fractal Systems is the exclusive distributor of Philips digital multitouch surfaces, for displays, tables, kiosks or totems; each with different designs, sizes and technologies.
3mm thickness, magnesium casing, a kickstand and a multitouch keyboard with a built-in trackpad and weighs in at just 1.
Multitouch gestures are used to scroll, zoom, rotate, or flip through photos and documents.
SMART's DViT (Digital Vision Touch) technology supports common multitouch gestures, such as zooming and scrolling, which are recognised by the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.
7mm deep and has UK and Republic of Ireland mapping with a multitouch display.
The bank's multitouch program, which offers account holders relevant products using their preferred channels, begins roughly 90 days into the relationship.