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The current research builds on earlier studies by confirming the multipotency of the cells.
We investigated the multipotency of P3 turkey tendon-derived cells based on the method of Pittenger et al.
SAPs have been widely studied for the delivery of growth factors and drugs, but the use of stem cells is also very promising since the multipotency and self-renewing characteristics of stem cells allow for unlimited applications in the field of tissue engineering that cannot be easily achieved by single drugs or growth factors.
A study characterizing the multipotency and transplantation value of olfactory neural stem cells finds that the cells can be derived from a patient's own cells, are readily available by a minimally invasive biopsy technique, and can be expanded in vitro.
In particular, the multipotency and easy access to large quantity of specific target cell offer unique opportunities for neural tissue regeneration.
Harvey said despite the cells' multipotency, they are probably biased toward heart tissue because "in an evolutionary sense, they've been dedicated to the heart for a long time."
Citation: "Nanoscale surfaces for the long-term maintenance of mesenchymal stem cell phenotype and multipotency;" Rebecca J.
Specifically, it has been shown that in tissue regeneration, committed epithelial cells can transiently reacquire multipotency, therefore contributing to the repair of the tissue [15-20].
"In this study, wc looked at SOX2's role in cells of the peripheral nervous system and discovered that it's required to sustain multipotency, the ability to differentiate into several cell types in the peripheral nervous system, including neurons and glia," said Dr.
Owing to multipotency and less problematic with regard to ethical issues, the adult MSCs are the natural choice for cartilage regeneration (Figure 2).
Because of their accessibility, high growth capacity, and multipotency [3], cell-based medicine utilizing MSCs is expected to facilitate tissue regeneration in various clinical applications.
And, though we do have a multipotency kit with potencies of 200C, 1M, and sometimes 10M, we use it mainly as our homeopathic pharmacy away from home when we are in Chile.
Citation: Jesse Peterson et al., Activating a Reserve Neural Stem Cell Population In Vitro Enables Engraftment and Multipotency after Transplantation.