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the doctrine that several different cultures (rather than one national culture) can coexist peacefully and equitably in a single country

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The multiculturalists' assumption that Kavanaugh was guilty until proven innocent was, from their perspective, not a violation of a sacred American principle of fair play; rather it was faithful adherence to their own sacred principle, which flows logically enough from their belief that white males oppress women.
thus from a multiculturalist perspective in order for these ethnic minorities to be equally accommodated the state must respect and recognize their religious identities.
So, these multiculturalists want to promote religious literacy more than religious sharing.
(26) Multiculturalists first talked about this goal in 1974; (27) and the 1985 Swann Report into the education of ethnic minority children also emphasised this goal, as did other leading multiculturalists after the Rushdie Affair.
Multiculturalists say that the proverbial American melting pot must be replaced by the "salad bowl," the idea that culturally dissimilar ingredients can co-exist and complement each other.
A manifesto published online - which police are perusing and said was posted on the day of the attack - ranted that the European elite, "multiculturalists" and "enablers of Islamisation" would be punished for their "treasonous acts".
Doesn't it just make you want to go out and get shut of all the multiculturalists, diversity champions and social engineers who got us into this mess?
Notwithstanding real differences among them, liberal contributors to the political theory debate on identity politics agree with one another (and with strong multiculturalists) that promoting the well-being of individuals sometimes requires states to recognize group difference.
Being aware that multiculturalism is often (wrongly) reduced to and understood as pure multicultural society, where different cultures more or less tolerate each other, but do not go into mutual understandings and productive dialog, some outstanding multiculturalists point out that they advocate transformative or critical multiculturalism in opposition to conservative, liberal, or corporative usage of the term.
Rapid global trends towards population heterogeneity have propelled the search for theoretical principles and practical programmes that can settle group-based disputes, guide social policy, and resolve once and for all the seemingly endless debates between biculturalists, multiculturalists, and advocates of a unitary national identity.
Occupying the political right of center--between socialists and multiculturalists, on the one hand, and genuine nativists and cryptofascists, on the other--is a difficult place to stand.
In a world where we are told to celebrate diversity and multiculturalism, is it a bridge too far that our identity is defined by a few multiculturalists who dislike the indigenous culture and want to impose their left-wing orthodoxy on the majority?
As "boutique" multiculturalists, Borat's hosts respect him as a human being, tolerate his various cultural faux pas, but they simply could not abide this final step in his increasingly transgressive behavior.
A common theme among many scholars who migrated to this sub-field was a critique of the time-tested description of America as a "melting pot." Whereas conventional wisdom held that a wide array of cultural, racial, ethnic, or religious backgrounds meshed together in America to become one people, multiculturalists increasingly argued that the melting pot theory was in reality a description of assimilationist force used to encourage minority groups to give up their history, culture, or traditions to become appropriately-behaving members of the dominant culture.
Summary: Newcomers to Lebanon ought to be forgiven if over the weekend they were led to believe that top Lebanese leaders are a group of lily-white, peace-loving, multiculturalists who would go to great lengths to preserve stability and inter-communal harmony in this country.
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