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the doctrine that several different cultures (rather than one national culture) can coexist peacefully and equitably in a single country

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Other support efforts that help achieve the goal of the multicultural organization also exist.
Building successful multicultural organizations. London: Quorum Books.
People at this stage will become champions for diversity and will adopt policies that will cultivate multicultural organizations. They actively become involved in efforts to eliminate prejudices existing in their families, organizations, and in society in general.
Cox (1991) offers a definition of multicultural organizations and suggests strategies for creating them, including flexible work policies and reward systems that tie managers' compensation and promotion to their diversity efforts.
Learners were recruited from local multicultural organizations and immigrant service providers.
Aboriginal literacy is designed for Aboriginal learners and intercultural education targets those working in multicultural organizations. Linking together the formal post-secondary education and informal adult learning systems in communities across Alberta will create a cohesive approach to foundational learning, allowing learners to achieve their goals more quickly.
This edition has expanded discussion of ethics with related cases and sections on multicultural organizations, generational diversity, the use of dialogue in groups, and intercultural training.
Literature reviews and case studies will be used as the main research methods to demonstrate the consumer generated media's role for multicultural organizations to manage so-called "mutually beneficial" relationships with multicultural publics.
An Iranian-Australian has been honored this month with the Order of Australia medal for his efforts with multicultural organizations and helping Australian aborigines.
A book Cokley may want to consult is Mentoring Dilemmas: Developmental Relationships Within Multicultural Organizations (Lawrence Erlbaum; $89.95) by Audrey Murrell, Faye Crosby, and Robin Ely.
The organization's blacklist also includes funding for multicultural organizations.
Ely (Eds.), Mentoring dilemmas: Developmental relationships within multicultural organizations. Mahawa, N J: Lawrence Erbaum.
Another type of organizations that about three quarters (n 28) of this study's participants have been active in are multi-ethnic and multicultural organizations. Here belong three different types of organizations: mixed-gender, multicultural or multi-ethnic organizations; visible minority or immigrant women's organizations; and mixed-gender organizations explicitly fighting racism.
But how do these relationships work within the context of the multicultural organization? Mentoring dilemmas: Developmental relationships within multicultural organizations provides a comprehensive treatment of this issue from three perspectives: theoretical, empirical, and experimental.
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