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the doctrine that several different cultures (rather than one national culture) can coexist peacefully and equitably in a single country

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In addition to the statistical analysis, a modified version of Cox's model of an effective multicultural organization was used to conduct a diversity review of the unit.
Literature reviews and case studies will be used as the main research methods to demonstrate the consumer generated media's role for multicultural organizations to manage so-called "mutually beneficial" relationships with multicultural publics.
"We are proud to be a multicultural organization that provides social, recreational and business services to the entire community.
"Guns and my people don't get along well," said Domingo Guyton, a Worcester State alumnus who is adviser to the student multicultural organization Third World Alliance.
Terryl Ross, director of community and diversity for Oregon State University and founder and president of the Multicultural Organization of Students Actively Involved in Change, which promotes diversity at the University of Washington and abroad.
For example, Arthur and McMahon (2004) described using the STF in a cultural audit of organizations where career counseling is practiced to examine barriers to and facilitators for transforming from a monocultural to a multicultural organization. The STF has wide applicability between organizational systems in which career counseling is practiced.
"The purpose of that is to build a multicultural organization over the long term."
In this field where no expert can be found, there are books (Creating the Multicultural Organization) and magazines (Managing Diversity).
SFMC strives to be a relevant experiential program in the 21st century and to truly be a multicultural organization. One approach is to stay current with pressing social issues and another is to hire staff that represent and/or reflect the clientele we serve.
While one might expect that women who cannot be involved in their own ethnic organization (for lack of one) would resort to the closest type, i.e., a multicultural organization only (a phenomenon that is indeed occurring), the same explanation cannot be utilized to account for high participation in non-multicultural, mainstream organizations.
It also attempts to explain the steps the managers of an organization would need to take in order to achieve its highest level of diversity: the "Multicultural Organization" stage.
But how do these relationships work within the context of the multicultural organization? Mentoring dilemmas: Developmental relationships within multicultural organizations provides a comprehensive treatment of this issue from three perspectives: theoretical, empirical, and experimental.
The Washington Interfaith Network is a citywide network that builds multiracial, multicultural organization to empower parents and citizens to be major players in city politics.
Other support efforts that help achieve the goal of the multicultural organization also exist.
MYA is a nonprofit multicultural organization dedicated to creating a system of community monitors in neighborhoods that are adversely affected by environmental degradation.
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