Mullus surmuletus

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Age, growth and reproduction of Mullus surmuletus (Linnaeus, 1758) in Saros Bay (Northern Aegean Sea).
Growth and reproduction of striped red mullet (Mullus surmuletus) in Izmir Bay.
Growth of red mullet (Mullus surmuletus L., 1758) in the Gabes bay.
Growth, mortality and spawning stock biomass of the striped red mullet Mullus surmuletus, in the Egyptian Mediterranean waters.
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Biological parameters of striped red mullet Mullus surmuletus (L.
Life history of the red mullet Mullus surmuletus from the bottom-trawl fishery off the Island of Majorca (north-west Mediterranean).
Distribution of Mullus barbatus and Mullus surmuletus (Osteichthyes: Perciformes) in the Mediterranean continental shelf: implications for management.
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Some individuals also fed upon mesopelagic myctophids (%IRI<0.1) and upon shallow water benthic fish such as the red striped mullet (Mullus surmuletus [%IRI<0.1]) and the Azorean chromis (Chromis limbata [%IRI<0.1]).
1.0 5.4 Mullidae Mullus surmuletus 0.1 3.0 Pomacentridae Chromis limbata 0.1 0.2 Carangidae Trachurus picturatus 0.9 2.6 Scombridae Scomber japonicus 0.4 6.0 Pisces unidentified 16.6 16.3 Rocks 1.0 0.3 Tissue unidentified 0.4 0.8 Prey items %0 (1) IRI Algae 1.5 0.5 Bivalvia--Chlamys sp.