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a soup of eastern India that is flavored with curry

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At 9.30am I rang Sky, which has a 24-hour weather channel (what's the point, we've all got windows?) and complained: "How the hell did you get it so wrong?" Because of your scaremongering, I've wasted a fortune on sandbags, Kendal mint cake and mulligatawny soup."
Before I got into the party I also got into my stride and confessed that I was 43 when I learnt that Steak Tartare was raw meat and that the exotic sounding Mulligatawny soup was derived from the Indian words "Mullak thani," meaning "country water," or simply, lentil soup.
Skipping the very tempting Mulligatawny Soup ($2.95 and a personal favorite), we ordered entrees next and basked in a cozy setting, among a few other diners in this mid-week visit.
HEARTY SOUPS (1) Finest Chicken Mulligatawny Soup (600g), pounds 2.20, Tesco BEST for spice (2) Paella Soup (600g), pounds 2.49, Marks & Spencer BEST for gourmet (3) Chunky Vegetable Soup (600g), pounds 1.99, but down to pounds 1.32 from Wednesday, Waitrose BEST for crusty bread (4) Vegetable & Pearl Barley Meal Soup (400g), pounds 1.12, Sainsbury's BEST for budget (5) Carrot and Coriander (600g), pounds 1.65 or two for pounds 3, Co-op BEST for veggies DEAL OF THE FTHE DAY Sony's black HDR-CX115 camcorder from is a steal with pounds 140 the priceNow 23 megapixel252.
For years I thought Mulligatawny soup was some Russian goulash and I would say, 'Mull-eee-ga-tawnnnny, please' until someone explained it is merely 'Mullak Thanni' or pepper water, as in rasam.
"I asked him to cut a bit of the meat for me and I bit into it and chewed it and, do you know, it tasted like mulligatawny soup.
Item Description Quantity (mg) BEVERAGES Panna Raw mango drink, served cold 1 cup 5 Guava Drink Made out of fully ripened guavas 1 cup 3.7 SOUPS Tomato Soup 1 bowl 26 Kale & Roasted Traditional dish: Vegetable Soup * Spinach Soup 1 bowl 217 Mulligatawny Soup Curry flavored soup 1 bowl 34 Mixed Vegetable Soup 1 bowl 46 BREAKFAST CEREALS Plain Suji Upma Semolina preparation from South India 1 bowl 11 Vegetable Upma Semolina preparation with peas & carrots 1 bowl 18.5 Mung Dal Cheela Mung bean pancake with potato stuffing 1 pancake 27 Calcium Content in Indian Cereal and Lentil Dishes Item Description Quantity Cal.
It makes a delightful aperitif, but it can also accompany light meats, such as turkey, or partner it with a turtle or Mulligatawny soup for a sensational change.
These contained vacuum flasks of mulligatawny soup, fog-lamps, distress flares, freshly signed wills and tear-stained testaments, King James Bibles, that weekend's Lottery numbers and keys to the potting sheds.
For all his fuddy duddiness, it's not too hard to respect Brown as we plunge into the nightmare scenario of possible panhandling former estate agents and solicitors offering their services in exchange for a bowl of mulligatawny soup.
B introduced us to such dishes as mulligatawny soup and authentic Indian curries with all the condiments, fried plantains and all manner of Southern fare, to which Mr.
Edmunds' personal motivations for publishing this cookbook become clear with the first recipe for Mulligatawny soup. The ingredient list includes mutton or tinned meat, apples, water, onions, turnips, leeks, flour, and "Empress" curry powder.
The mulligatawny soup (a type of Anglo-Indian soup) my dining partner had was equally adept at fulfilling the role of simple food done well.