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1) See Vijaya Mulay, From Rajahs and Yogis to Gandhi and Beyond: Images of India in International Films of the Twentieth Century, Kolkata: Seagull Books, 2010; Deepak Ananth, "Approaching India", in Indomania, Antwerp: Ludion Books, 2013; Shanay Jhaveri (ed.
Mexico tambien se enfrento a muchas invasiones de los vecinos, lucha por los derechos humanos", senala al respecto, Ahmed Mulay, embajador saharaui en Mexico quien es tambien intemacionalista por la Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.
Mulay worked very hard in the subsequent years to make Ajeet a Rs 422-crore company by 2013/14, and, hopes to breach the Rs1,000 crore-mark in the next three years, considering that he says it is now a Rs 700-crore entity.
Mulay divides the book into ten chapters, laid out more or less chronologically.
Mulay is not only whiling his away his time in New York texting young women but also seem to use his official capacity to scout for funds for his cousin in Mumbai.
Li and Mulay present a handbook with the complete mathematical formulations for each of the most important and classic meshless analysis methods that are well known and widely accepted.
Other prominent speakers who will be interacting with the crowd are Sumit Virmani, Global head of corporate marketing Infosys; Shaun Mitra, Chief Business Officer for UST Global; Narayan Shankar, Associate Director, HCL Technologies; Jessie Paul, CEO Paul Writer; Melissa Womack, Head - Global Corporate Marketing, KPIT Technologies; Vasantha V Kumar, Director, Marketing & Communications, India & South Asia, IBM; Sachin Mulay, GM - Corporate brand and communications, Wipro Technologies; Lisa Halim, Vice President, Demand Center & Digital Marketing, SAP Asia Pacific Japan; and Suresh Thomas, GM of marketing at Strategic Marketing Services .
Shree Mulay & Emily Gibson, Marketing of Assisted Human Reproduction and the Indian State, 49 Development 84, 87 (Dec.
In a study of 24 patients with type B2 and B3 fractures treated with cementless, tapered, fluted and distally fixed stems, Mulay and colleagues reported that 91% of fractures healed although there were five dislocations and two nonunions.
I-Dnyaneshwar Mulay, called on the Foreign Minister of the Maldives, Abdul Samad Abdullah to convey New Delhi's concerns over the sudden termination of the project.
The Maldivian President's spokesperson Adil Riza had called Mulay a " traitor" and an " enemy" of their country.
En el segundo capitulo el autor expone como las labores de los intermediarios linguisticos vuelven a ir mas alla de las propias de la profesion en las misiones realizadas por los interpretes durante las relaciones de Espana con Mulay Ahmed Raisuni (1871-1925), conocido como el sultan de la montana y aspirante al poder que se erigio como estandarte de la resistencia contra la dominacion europea en Marruecos.
In Morocco "under Mulay Ismail (1672-1727), more than one hundred fifty thousand soldiers of Sudanese origin were recruited to control the Berbers" (Waugh 2005: 109).
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