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a port in southern Yemen on the Gulf of Aden to the east of Aden

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AQAP has suffered major defeats since early 2016, when thousands of UAE-backed troops expelled it from key strongholds in southern Yemen, such as Al Mukalla, Yemen's fifth largest city.
By using Mukalla in particular as a key staging point, the sweeps and clearing operations are designed to gradually widen the area controlled by the Emirati-backed forces.
Al Huthari hailed the constructive and charitable efforts of the UAE represented in ERC to enhance development and infrastructure of the governorate in general and Al Mukalla in particular, WAM reported.
The first attack targeted a security checkpoint with a car bomb in Borom area in the western city of Mukalla, while the second targeted a security checkpoint in the center of the city, a local official explained.
Witnesses said the blast in Mukalla was caused by a suicide bomber detonating a car bomb at a checkpoint on the west side of the city.
Mukalla, capital of the vast eastern province of Hadramout and an important shipping hub, was the center of a wealthy mini-state that al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) built up over the past year as it took control of an almost 600-km (370-mile) band of Arabian Sea coastline.
A "very small number" of US military personnel were deployed around Mukalla in support of the April operation, which was led by special Saudi and Emirati forces, the Pentagon said in May.
A Dubai-based APS source says Kuwait and Saudi Arabia had decided since 2015 to consider having crude oil export pipelines built to Mukalla, where they would have terminals, as well as an adjacent free zone in which related export industries will be constructed in partnership with IOCs.
The Riyadh source tells APS Saudi and UAE commandoes last week foiled a Houthi/Saleh-backed attack in the southern port city of Mukalla by al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).
Authorities said, the airport has restarted at the Yemeni coastal city of Al Mukalla, that was recaptured by government and UAE soldiers in April after a year-long occupation by Al Qaida.
The Arab coalition battling rebels in Yemen since March 2015 carried out air strikes against Al-Qaeda positions in Mukalla to pave the way for the ground troops, military sources said.
ADEN, Yemen/KUWAIT CITY: Yemeni and Emirati troops recaptured the southern port city of Mukalla Sunday, officials said, entering and taking back a stronghold of Al-Qaeda's Yemeni wing for the first time in over a year of war.
The attack took place as al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) recruits queued for dinner at the camp, west of the port city of Mukalla on Yemen's south coast.
Slightly weakened, the storm is expected to hit the mainland on Tuesday morning near the port of Mukalla, which has been run by a tribal council and Al Qaeda militants since the army and government institutions withdrew in April.
The group has partly controlled Mukalla since the army withdrew from the area in April.