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Synonyms for Muhammadan

a follower of Mohammed

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of or relating to the Arabian prophet Muhammad or to the religion he founded


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Organizations like The Loyal Muhammdans of India, British Indian Association and Muhammadan Educational Conference were the core examples.
race and religion are conceptions not readily separable by the oriental mind, and this is especially true of the Muhammadan Malay mind.
By establishing the Muhammadan Educational Conference, he provided Muslims with a platform on which he could discuss their political problems.
In a short period, when the association succeeded in establishing thirty-four branches covering almost all the provinces of India, its name was changed to the Central National Muhammadan Association.
Already in 1875, a Muslim institution of higher education had been founded, Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental College.
"The monument in question is a Pathan period Tomb locally known as 'Gumti'situated in south west of village Humayunpur, mentioned in the 'List of Muhammadan and Hindu Monuments'in Delhi prepared and compiled by Archaeological Survey of India in the first quarter of 20th century,"the report said."It is domed building 21'square constructed of rubble masonry plastered all around with an arched doorway on each of its four sides...,"according to the report.
But, somehow, one aspect has not been so highlighted on all these occasions by the speakers that Dr Muhammad Iqbal was an elected member of the Punjab Legislative Council from 1927 to 1930 from Lahore City Urban on a seat for Muhammadan. Those days, Muslims were described as Muhammadan and others by non-Muhammadan.
Asma' al-Morabit then presented a reform approach to women's issues and Islam, using the example of the Muhammadan League of Morocco's 'Ulamah as a model.
300/913) appears to assume that 'uzla in the latter sense typifies Christians and Jews exclusively of Muslims, and makes a rhetorical bodily-'uzla/heart-'uzla dichotomy between "the Israelites who physically roamed the mountains and deserts with a bodily shunning ('uzlatan bil-abdan) away from people" and the Muhammadan Umma who "roamed with their hearts in the deserts of Sovereignty to the Creator of the Throne with a heartful shunning ('uzlatan bil-qulub) away from the concerns of egoes." (22) "For monasticism and desert-roaming did exist in past communities ...
In 1877, he founded the Muhammadan Anglo Oriental College in Aligarh and patterned the college after Oxford and Cambridge universities.
Their contribution to African Christianity would be seen as even more profound when considered against the backdrop of the fact that at the beginning of the 20th century the fear was that Africa was set to be a "Muhammadan continent." Based on that conclusion, the 1910 Edinburgh Missionary Conference had set the agenda to hasten Christian evangelization in Africa.
Muhammadan Law, (1) Bhopal's 1819 Treaty with the East India Company, (2) the 1858 Canning Sanad, (3) and Bhopal's Customary Law were acceptable for the recognition of the Wazir's (4) younger son's as the rightful heir.
Islam said that Sir Syed had not only pleaded the Two Nation theory but the All India Muslim League was also founded at a meeting of the Muhammadan Educational conference , the latter being the brain child of the great scholar and mentor of the Muslims.
In 1875, Sir Syed founded the Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental College, which later became Aligarh Muslim University, after Sir Syed's visit to Oxford and Cambridge universities and his trip to London.
Thus, in Malabar and Negeri Sembilan, British rule adopted a more legalistic approach to matriliny and Islam, whereby Islamic law ('the Muhammadan law') and 'customary law' were established and codified as clearly separate juridical and cultural domains.