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semisoft pale-yellow cheese

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Regarding the employment of the 270 affected staff members, who were informed in July, the situation remains unchanged: The production facilities of the two companies at Coermuehle and at Hessenweg in Muenster have been leased to Nordson for an initial term of ten years.
Muenster public prosecutors on Wednesday said they were aware of the attack and confirmed that Ruether was in hospital, but declined to give further details.
8220;From our very first visit to Muenster, it was apparent that each and every employee truly cares about the products being produced.
This Express location is perfectly situated and will serve the greater Muenster area along Highway 82 well.
MUENSTER - Pale yellow, semi-firm cheese with a creamy washed rind and a smooth and mildly piquant flavor.
I can heartily recommend Muenster Cheeze, Butter-notmilk Biscuits and Golden Gravy, Ultimate Chocolate Pudding, and Vegan Eggnog, among others.
a subsidiary of Cytogen Corporation (Nasdaq: CYTO), has signed a term sheet with University of Muenster (UOM) to research protein interactions associated with an undisclosed gene believed to
After graduating from the University of Muenster Facility of Natural Science in 1963, Kleinheidt spent a year with Shell AG and then joined Bayer AG in its central research laboratory in Leverkusen.
Richard Simmons, 41, could have been sent back to jail to finish his 16-year sentence if his Muenster retrial had gone against him.
The 220lb calf, due more than three weeks ago, was born early yesterday and only started breathing on its own after "mouth-to-trunk resuscitation", said Muenster zoo spokesman Ms Ilona Zuehlke.
Although the mechanism of action remains unknown, he and his co-workers have now confirmed that another nine cheeses--Edam, Gouda, Muenster, mozzarella, Port Salut, Roquefort, Romano, Stilton and Tilsit -- perform equally well in limiting tooth decay.
Marta Torres-QuiSones and Matthew Muenster Bolster Veteran Dermatopathology Team
The award is named for Cardinal August von Galen, Bishop of Muenster during the Hitler era in Germany.
Sure, you might know the origin of that organic muenster cheese you have in the fridge but do you know if the wooden cutting board you've been chopping it up on came from ethically harvested materials?