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a bath in warm mud (as for treating rheumatism)

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Mud therapy can be successfully used in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, gynecological conditions (inflammatory and menstrual cycle disorders) as well as neurological, cardiovascular and skin pathology (eczema, acne, psoriasis).
Twenty years ago the Dead Sea was the place to go to experience the ultimate in mud therapy, especially if you had a skin condition like psoriasis or eczema.
The seekers have turned this place into a 1990s Age of Aquarius, good vibrations kind of place, complete with mud therapy, chakra massages and mantras.
After experiencing an array of luxurious treatments - mud therapy and shiatsu massage to European facials and seaweed wraps - they will feel renewed.
The manor house, set in 44 acres of green countryside, features eight state-of-the-art treatment rooms, an unrivalled menu of spa journeys, a rock sauna, ice fountain, massage shower, Rasul mud therapy room, 20-metre swimming pool and leading Technogym.
(2010), focus in Thalassotherapy as a basic component of health resort medicine and not just a type of Climatotherapy, as it concerns to the medical use of seawaters based on their mineral properties, also evokes the use of marine peloids, known as lime muds (Mud Therapy), methodical exposure to the sun (Heliotherapy), partial or full-body warm sand baths (Ammotherapy or Psammotherapy) and (but not only) marine climatotherapy (atmosphere, temperature, humidity, wind, barometric pressure etc.); although MEDLINE/PubMed search of the term "Thalassotherapy" in the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) database only yields the word under the listing for "Climatotherapy", which as far as we are concerned is insufficient and inexact.
And it shows, particularly in the swimming pool and facilities which include a rock sauna, ice fountain and mud therapy room.
In sumptuous surroundings designed with your total relaxation in mind theclubandspa offers the perfect spa day to unwind and de-stress, It offers an unrivalled range of spa treatments from Salt Room halotherapy and Rasul mud therapy to dry floatation.
According to Dr Dinesh Kartha, Chief Consultant, Al Shifa Natural Treatment Centre, Ajman, naturopaths use diverse means to treat a person, including herbal supplements, dietary supplements, nutritional products, fasting, massage, hydrotherapy, mud therapy, chromo therapy, heliotherapy and magneto therapy.
Dead Sea Water and Mud Therapy is also offered at the Beauty Therapy and Surgery Clinic.
The beneficial effects or mechanism of action of local mud therapy in a broad spectrum of diseases has not been fully explained.
And if playing golf is not on your agenda, then the hotel's Thalasso Asklepion with its heated seawater swimming pool, aromatherapy, moss and mud therapy and an array of beauty treatments are available for those who want to relax and unwind.
However, the list of packages is endless and include Watsu - the first of its kind in Ireland - luxury manicures, mud therapy, facials, massages and body wraps.
This includes a 60-minute detoxifying mud therapy, a 30-minute luxury facial, and an hour-long hand and foot massage.