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an order of mostly saprophytic fungi

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En la TABLA II se presentan los hongos Mucorales y levaduriformes identificados desde la piel de cerdos en estados de descomposicion Enfisematoso a Descomposicion Tardia (entre 12 a 85 d de deposicion).
The term mucormycosis is used to refer to infections due to molds belonging to the order mucorales (9).
In particular, high humidity and temperatures of [approximately equal to] 27[degrees]C have been reported as the optimal conditions for growth of mold from the order Mucorales i (27).
Efforts at development of molecular diagnostic methods for pulmonary mycoses have most commonly been limited to the detection of invasive aspergillosis or, less commonly, to other individual genera or to the Mucorales.
Sequence-based identification of Aspergillus, Fusarium and Mucorales in the clinical mycology laboratory: where are we and where should we go from here?
Mucormycosis is caused by fungus of the order Mucorales and is one of the most rapidly fatal fungal infections known.
Cunninghamella, Syncephalastrum and Saksenaea are placed in the order of Mucorales, class of Zygomycetes1.
2004), sobre el aprovechamiento del estiercol, como alternativa nutricional en invernadero, utilizado en mezclas, mencionan, que las principales especies de hongos detectados, son: Mucorales, Discomycetes y Basidiomycetes.
Mucorales Eine Beschreibung Aller Gattungen und Arten Dieser Pilzgruppe Mit Einem.
Este microorganismo taxonomicamente pertenece a la Clase Zygomicetes y al Orden Mucorales, el cual esta compuesto por 14 familias de las cuales 4 son causantes de enfermedad en humanos y de estas la mucoracea es la mas importante medicamente, incluidos los generos Rhizopus, Absidia y Mucor.
In the study it was found that members of mucorales are less frequent as compared to Aspergillus and Penicillium.
Till two decades back zygomycosis due to fungi belonging to the class Zygomycetes and the order Mucorales was considered rare fatal opportunistic fungal infection.
Ancak zigomikoz enfeksiyonlarina sadece Mucorales takimindaki mantarlar degil ayni zamanda Entomophtorales takimi da yol acmaktadir.
Renal mucormycosis--Renal mucormycosis infection is caused by fungi of the order Mucorales and is uncommon among the HIV population, but is associated with IV drug abuse and a low CD4 count.
Mucormycosis, also known as zygomycosis or phycomycosis, is an infection caused by one of a variety of fungi belonging to the class phycomycetes, order mucorales.