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one who spreads real or alleged scandal about another (usually for political advantage)

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Democratic politics has always been messy, and journalism has always been yellow and muckracking. But perhaps if we tried to raise the level of our debates, arguments and conversations, we might defuse the contemporary, highly flammable situation we find ourselves in with reference to the tensions interwoven among race, class, sex and presidential politics - tensions that have most recently played out tragically in Baton Rouge, Minneapolis and Dallas.
Coined by Theodore Roosevelt in 1906, the term "muckracking" denoted a mode of investigative journalism that was growing swiftly in the early 1900s thanks to publishers like McClure (Ohmann 273).
And it is well known that Roosevelt's fifth cousin and his predecessor in the White House, Theodore Roosevelt, who gave investigative journalists their "muckracking" nickname, enjoyed a close relationship with journalists and often sought their counsel.
After being refused entry into Gitmo, the muckracking Moore brought the rescue workers to Havana where they were welcomed with open arms.
The original focused on intellectual discourse, not back alley muckracking. Its founders would not be happy with what they see at the Source today.