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one who spreads real or alleged scandal about another (usually for political advantage)

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If we buy muck-raking national newspapers tabloids and never complain, then we get the kind of press we deserve.
Much more worrying, though, is the fact that it also appears that people are frightened of the media and the borderline between justifiable news in the public interest and muck-raking can be so easily be straddled to sell copy.
Hailing a fine muck-raking tradition at the paper, which his father bought in 1969, James Murdoch told its staff that the latest explosion of a long-running scandal over phone hacking by journalists had made the future of the title untenable: "The good things the News of the World does C* have been sullied by behavior that was wrong.
On the face of it, it was a bit of good old-fashioned tabloid muck-raking.
If a serious blog works best when it is independent, then the same is even more true for a satirical or muck-raking site.
No, not really, and thankfully so, because Wednesday's special was far removed from an instantly deletable catalogue of unsustainable, lopsided, muck-raking instances, about which several people within the sport, working from total ignorance of the actual content, had expressed fears.
And much as we might deplore trial by media - especially that branch of the media that wallows in muck-raking mischief - he must surely, at the very least, put himself on gardening leave until after the FIA votes have been counted and the courts have ruled on his charges against the News Of The World.
If, like us, you take an unhealthy interest in gratuitous gossip, one look at this muck-raking message board will have you torching your back copies of Heat magazine.
Benny Hill's Millions celebrated muck-raking about the great comic's last will while managing to dig out unsavoury facts.
Bono's supporters dismissed the report as muck-raking, claiming the criticism was politically motivated.
It was a night of shame for Scottish politics after a campaign disfigured by name-calling, muck-raking, mud-slinging and a headlong descent into the politics of the gutter.
The move comes ahe a documentary about owner Craig Whyte whi to be broadcast tomorro Rangers have branded programme "a prejud muck-raking exercise".
Max has been reduced to the role of muck-raking hack, trawling through bins for tacky celebrity stories to sell to the tabloids.
Hallstrom sustains tension, introducing an intriguing subplot suggesting collusion between the billionaire and Clifford, in exchange for political muck-raking.