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one who spreads real or alleged scandal about another (usually for political advantage)

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Of course, the CIO editorial team's muck-racking missed a more salient issue: Would any of these gentlemen (and yes, all gentlemen, a continued stain on this industry's tablecloth, which we address in "The Missing Women of Asset Management" (http://ai-cio.
This week a spoilt rich heiress has just been sent to prison and the tirelessly muck-racking editor bets one of her startled minions EUR10,000 that she'll do a Cinderella and be out before midnight.
It begins with falling off the teetotal wagon, and proceeds through adultery, muck-racking and allegations of coercion before he finds himself faced with calls for impeachment, dragging those who have served him into a mire of opportunism and betrayal.
This is a family which has shown it can be brought low by sensationalism and muck-racking.
To bring up this sort of muck-racking is just cynical.