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a peak in the San Juan mountains of Colorado (14,246 feet high)


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Flames and smoke from the Mt. Wilson fire could be seen from Los Angeles and the surrounding area.
hermsii MTW-2 originating from Mt. Wilson and with the lowest titers (512 and 128) to B.
By making some 12,000 rotations of the interferometer at Mt. Wilson in 1925/26 Miller determined the first estimate for k and for the absolute linear velocity of the solar system.
Hale later became professor of astrophysics at the newly opened University of Chicago and director of the Mt. Wilson observatory.
For instance, [Milton L.] Humason and [Rudolph] Minkowski, at Mt. Wilson, reported bands present in a supernova at these wave lengths, but later identified them as due to sensitization bands in the 103-F emulsion."
12 KKGO Country Mt. Wilson FM Broadcasters.+ 0.8; 2.3-2.2-2.4-3.0.
Music: iHeart A/C KOST 4.1-4.2-4.4, RhymOldies KHHT 3.1-2.9-2.7, ModRock KYSR/KSRY 2.5-2.2-2.0; CBS CHR KAMP 3.9-4.24.2-4.0, Adult Hits KCBS 2.9-3.0-93.0, ModRock KROQ 2.9-2.8-2.7, UrbanA/C WTWV 2.5-2.2-2.0; Bonneville ClassicRock KSWD slips back a little 3.2-3.3-3.0; The Lone Ranger, sole Country Mt. Wilson KKGO 2.4-2.1-2.4; CMLS ClassicRock KLOS holds 2.2, Meruelo Media R&BOldies KDAY-A/F 1.4; Salem ContempChristian KFSH 1.2, Taxi Productions UrbanA/C KLJH .8.
When S&T was founded in 1941, the parallel-beam design was popular--think Mt. Wilson's 100-inch, which was at that time the largest telescope in the world.
For the last 23 years, scientists working at Mt. Wilson Observatory near Loss Angeles have tracked the magnetic activity of 13 solar-type stars by measuring the intensity of their calcium emissions.
of Sydney) Australia I2T (CERGA) Calern, France 2 (26 cm) Past Mark III Interferometer Mt. Wilson, 3 (25 cm) (Naval Research Lab, California 2 (25 cm) U.S.
In Tucson, Ariz., this week, scientists installed an instrument in a 60-foot-high tower at Mt. Wilson Observatory to provide some of the most precise images yet to aid in mapping the sun's interior.
The Mt. Wilson Observatory, one of the oldest in the southwestern United States, has been mothballed since 1985.
A pioneer phase-coherence interferometer for visible stars,Mark II, located at the Mt. Wilson observatory in Pasadena, Calif., has succesfully measured the positions of five stars to an accuracy of 3 arcseconds and tracked them over wide angles (greater than 20|) as the earth rotated.